This is about the pairing between Jacob and Maddie. 

History Edit

Jacob first met Maddie during his first day at Ridgewood High and fell in love with her and she fell in love with him. Jacob and Maddie started their dating after the first day of meeting and spend time after school everyday including basketball practice which he gets injured in the process and is sent to the hospital for a few days until he felt a little better. Maddie really cares about him and will do anything for him like tutoring him in Japanese seeing as she is learning it too and learing how to draw freehanded. Jacob loves her a lot and after they graduate high school and get older he wants her to be his wife and stay with by his side. In the episode Jacob is injured she starts showing how much she really loves him therefore she cries blaming herself for him getting hurt which it wasn't she tried and save him from falling but she was too late. She holds his hand and started crying. They share their Valentines Day cards with each other stating they're really special to each other and will do anything for one another. When Jacob learns he has a really bad cough that lasted him four months he is stay home from school until he felt better. Maddie intends to have Jacob in her life forever after graduating. Jacob gives her a necklace and his jacket since he loves her a lot and Maddie gives him the bracelet Liv gave her as a sign that she really loves him. They hold hands every day and sit next to each other on the bus and in class. She plays basketball with him and always kicks his butt in every half court game, but there was the next day he beat her and they both laugh at each other. He is very intrested in art and starts getting creative with paintings so he signs up his girlfriend to teach her how to paint. When Jacob starts losing his eyesight Maddie and her mom take him to see an eye doctor and he says Jacob needs glasses so they bought him ones like Maddie's glasses and he claims he looks better with them on.

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Quotes Edit

Maddie: Hi Jacob! Jacob: Hi Maddie!.
Maddie: Jacob there is something I have to tell you.Jacob: What is it Maddie?

Maddie: I love you! Jacob: You love me? Maddie: Yes!

Jacob: That's good! I love you too Maddie Rooney.

Maddie: Will you be my boyfriend?

Jacob: Yes! 

Jacob: Hi Maddie.Maddie: Mom and Dad said that can stay the night Jacob.

Jacob: That's good! They told me already!

Maddie: Oh!

Jacob: So, do you wanna go to prom with me?

Maddie: Yes!

Jacob: Maddie! 

Maddie: What is it Jacob? Jacob: I made you this in art class. Liv:  Joey: About the dance...

Diggie: I said no because I knew it was Liv.

Maddie: What? Diggie: Yeah, she um didn't do that cute thing you do with your charm bracelet when you're nervous.