This article is about the relationship between Jacob Maddie and Liv and how much they care about each other

History Edit

When Jacob came to Ridgewood High he was happy to be starting his freshman year though he didn't know about his best friend from Hollywood Liv Rooney attending the school and her sister though Jacob never met Maddie until that day. When Jacob met Maddie he develops a massive crush on her and Maddie felt the same way about him and they confess they like each other at the prom and he hands her a note asking her if she will be his girlfriend. Jacob along with his girlfriend and sister was thinking that Jacob could move in with them since his parents died of achole poisoning and the adoption agency and the judge gives Rooney the custody of him there for he became their foster son and allow him to date Maddie. Liv was very happy to see her best friend from Hollywood start living with her and her family, but there are sometimes where the two fight saying he was the son of two drinkers and he said he knows then they forgive each other and hug each other. All three of them get along very well seeing as Jacob gives them presents such as him giving Maddie a heart necklace and his coat and Liv gets his bracelet he got as a brithday present on his 12th birthday which says I love you Liv and Maddie never got mad. During his 18th birthday they bought him a special basketball from the school and Maddie gave him her bracelet and also wrote I love you Jacob and she got one Jacob made her that's says I love you too Jacob. They really care about each other and will protect each other from danger like when Jacob was getting bullied he put a stop to it thanks to his training in karate and military tactics. Liv and Maddie are very proud of him for straighting up because he has been getting into trouble recently but the princible switched him into Liv and Maddie's classes. Jacob shows the girls his intrest in X-Men and his favorite hero Wolverine along with Batman.

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