This is a follow up to the episode Crush-A-Rooney and is the 2nd episode in season 2.

Plot Edit

After Jacob found the note Maddie's mom and dad come to pick him up and Jacob says that now he cannot date Maddie since Jacob is becoming her and Liv's foster brother though Liv and Maddie's parents said he can still date their daughter since he loves her so much. Maddie shares her and Liv's room with him though he sleeps next to Maddie on the floor. When Maddie and Liv wake up they notice Jacob drawing something for Maddie but he keeps it a secret from Liv until he saw Maddie at lunch which he gave the letter to her and she reads it and was shocked that she is being asked to be his wife when they turn 20. Maddie hugs him and tells Jacob she the note a lot and well keep it.

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