Crush-A-Rooney is the 1st episode of season 2


A new student named Jacob attends Liv and Maddie's school and he falls in love with Maddie. He instanly became best friends with Liv though Liv gave him permission to call her Olivia and said he likes that name and Maddie's along with classic rock and country. Maddie introduces herself to Jacob and asks him to the dance and he said he would be honored to go with her. At home Maddie tells her family she is in love with Jacob and wants to be his girlfriend plus she gives him a call on his cell phone when she is board. When they play basketball against each other they then Jacob has a hard time telling her he likes her and Maddie feeling the same way so at the dance while Jacob and Maddie dance they confess that they are in love with each other and they say I love you to each other while they dance. When Jacob returns home he finds a note from his foster parents saying they are giving him to the Rooney's though Jacob is dating Maddie and she would become his foster sister.

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