17-A-Rooney is the 3rd episode of season 2 and it's plot is based on Jacob's birthday 

Plot Edit

While at school Liv and Maddie plan on a party to celebrate Jacob's 17th birthday and buy him a present though he specifically all wanted was them in his life but Liv made him a heart necklace and Maddie took a photo with Liv and her family to give to him. When Jacob came home he had terrible news and the whole family was asking what was wrong and Jacob stated he is moving to a different state and is very upset about it. When Jacob's birthday arrives the next day he told his ex-foster parents he is not leaving Maddie nor Liv because he loves them both (he loves Liv because it's his foster sister) and he doesn't wanna leave their school, so he takes his Liv and Maddie's hand shouted they are my family and no body is take me away from them because I love them. 

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